From Pastor Kenny's Desk

January 23, 2022

Greetings MCC Richmond Family,

What an incredible week of ministry activity we’re having at a MCC Richmond! Enjoy the following review of highlights of what’s been happening through our ministry endeavors.

The church has been spinning all week as ministry leaders and volunteers have been hard at work sprucing up the church and making ministry plans for 2022 a reality. Anyone who stopped by the church office or Celebration Hall can attest to there not being a dull moment of activity. As all this takes place, I am constantly blessed by the love of ministry and the congregation’s willingness to work hard to ensure the high quality of ministry that takes place through our spiritual community. Most rewarding is to witness the concern people have to do their best to keep themselves and others as safe as possible by wearing a mask and social distancing. It is clear that MCC Richmond folk let nothing stand in the way of Loving God by caring for and serving others.

The Board of Directors had their first meeting of the new year last Sunday afternoon via Zoom. They have written their 2022 Covenant and will share it with you soon. Each of us completed a spiritual gifts assessment, shared, and discussed our individual spiritual gifts. It was rewarding to discover the variety of spiritual gifts represented within this team of friends. We also developed a new policy regarding a procedure of how to address exposure and testing positive for COVID. You can read this policy as part of Friday’s weekly eBlast. The Board’s love for MCC Richmond is infectious and their attitude of servant leadership is amazing. This Sunday they will be installed during our worship service and their ministry among us celebrated.

We at MCC Richmond believe in the power of prayer. With this in mind, I am thrilled that our Prayer Hotline is now active and ready to be of assistance. This ministry is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is intended to be a resource of strength and hope in reminding people of God’s abundant gifts of acceptance, compassion and love … and that God is present to meet and care for us exactly where and as we are. The potential for this ministry to touch countless lives is incredible. Rev. Georgia and Calvin have done a fantastic job working together to make this new ministry a reality.

If you have a prayer need or simply need to hear a comforting voice … you are invited to call 804-355-3757 and share your prayer concern. You are also welcome to leave contact information if you desire to speak to Rev. Georgia or you may leave your request anonymously … which ever feels most comfortable for you. This ministry of prayer and spiritual care honors all prayer concerns and requests. They will be lifted up daily before God and held in sacred confidentiality.

Ginny is already selecting music and making plans for Easter along with other ministry endeavors with the Spirits of Joy. We all benefit from her gifts of creativity, her love of God and worship, and her excellence in caring for choir members and our congregation. We are in for a treat this Easter and every Sunday in between.

Calvin is being his regular supportive and loving self as he professionally supports and cares for the staff and congregation. This week he has made adjustments to our website and is completing a variety tasks with excellence and grace. He is beginning to develop a new church directory which is a huge task that is very needed. Stay tuned for more details to follow. Calvin’s positive attitude for his work and flexibility in his changing job responsibilities is a blessing.

Our new Bread Ministry volunteers are enhancing this ministry with all kinds of fun and craziness as they learn the joys of seeing God at work through the donations of unsold bread and pastries at Panera Bread. MJ Simmons, Michael Braun, Mike Everhart, Lydia Melton, Sally Watkinson, Emma and Mitch Johnson are doing a fantastic job. It’s incredible to consider how unsold bread and pastries make such a positive impact for those who receive it and also provides a fun and meaningful ministry opportunity for volunteers.

I am in process for taking bids to have the lightbulbs changed in the sanctuary chandeliers. Who knew there are electricians who actually perform this task? With a 25 foot ceiling it is important to have professionals complete this job for safety and other reasons. The main expense will be building and taking down scaffolding. Everyone who has bid the job has commented on the beauty of the sanctuary. Within a week or so all the lightbulbs will be changed to LED bulbs and in good working order. This is possible because of your continued generosity and financial gifts.

As I write this letter, we are looking forward to a fantastic day of ministry through the Vicky Hester Food Pantry. Even though the weather report is calling for rain and snow showers we know people will be hungry and in need of groceries and other supplies. It’s incredible to realize that even the threat of inclement weather does not stop volunteers from safely serving but encourages us into action. We’re serving to-order chicken salad and bologna and cheese sandwiches, homemade soups made by Leslie Nelson, Rev. Georgia and Danny Burgess, Chicken ala King over noodles, and other dining delicacies ... a lunch sure not to be missed!

All of this is the regular and ongoing everyday … and more … ministry realities and activity of MCC Richmond. We are blessed and are a blessing to God and others.

This day and always … may you know the incredible over-the-top-amazing love and peace of God.

-Pastor Kenny Callaghan

Song of the Week: God is Holding Your Life