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July 12, 2020

Dear MCC Richmond Family!

"I believe most people are good. ……. I believe you love who you love, ain't nothing you should ever be ashamed of. I believe this world ain't half as bad as it looks. I believe most people are good." -Songwriter Luke Bryan

The past two weeks, it has been a joy to welcome people to the church office to visit and to provide pastoral care in my office. Thank you for your willingness to make appointments, wear a mask and remember to social distance for safety. Hearing familiar voices, seeing the sparkle in your eyes and the bright smiles even though behind a mask has touched my heart.

Having people stop by the church to sit quietly, pray, meditate, to ask for and receive forgiveness, to give forgiveness, to worship and feel the presence of the Divine in the sanctuary is amazing. Many have missed being in the sanctuary and have commented how good it is to feel the warmth, comfort and beauty of this safe and holy space. This is no surprise because we as MCC Richmond have worked hard to maintain our sanctuary and church property as a safe place for ALL people to simply be, to be cared for, to experience loving and inspirational community and mostly to explore and experience the relevance of God and spirituality in our lives.

During our visits a common theme of conversation has been the unsettling changes to life due to Covid-19, the overwhelming realities of the horrors of systemic racism of all kinds, along with the protects, activism of young people and frustration with the violence involved, disbelief of failed leadership of our local and government officials and concerns regarding the upcoming election season.

One person expressed their view that their faith teaches them that all people are made in the image of God, therefore at their core all people must be good. Seeing people as good they believe God will find a way to work through all of us to bring good to every situation of life. This attitude is nothing more than the manifestation of God and the Holy Spirit at work along with the realization of the hope God’s transforming love brings.

The quote above is from the song Most People are Good by Luke Bryan. This song is a song of hope, reminding us that there's more common ground between people than we realize. Unfortunately, we tend to be much more focused on what separates us instead of what brings us together. People need messages of love and connectivity more than they need messages of hate, oppression, violence and separation.

One way to accomplish this is to listen to each other with openness to learn rather than with judgment or by having a know-it-all attitude. We must educate ourselves about the oppression others face in order to more effectively dismantle systems that seek to marginalize and oppress anyone. Believing in God transforming love for ALL people, we must also hope and believe that in God … all people are good.

I’ve asked Ginny to add the song Most People are Good to be part of our worship music this month. I look forward to singing it with you as we worship together and claim God’s goodness and love for each of us including those who have yet to meet. Wherever you are and whatever concerns you on your journey of life know that God makes YOU GOOD!

Many blessings and much love,

~ Pastor Kenny

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