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Share a Lenten Devotion


Lent Devotions:

Greetings MCC Richmond Family!


Our theme for Lent is … Our Lenten Journey With Faith


"As part of our congregational journey this Lent, daily devotions will be provided by email to members and friends of MCC Richmond. It is my hope that the devotions will be written by members and friends of our spiritual community.

Here’s the suggested format:

  • Select a quote, phrase, statement, verse from scripture or some other sacred text, song lyric, or saying that is meaningful to you.

  • Write a short reflection (one or two paragraphs … or more if you like) on how the quote, phrase, statement, etc. has been meaningful to you on your spiritual journey. 

  • Provide your name and the ministries you are involved in at MCC Richmond.

We want anyone who might want to participate to be able to do so.

Thank you for sharing a quote or some other meaningful saying and reflection to be a blessing to others.

Many Blessings!

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Let us reflect, pray, and share our faith.

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