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Bi+ Resources

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People with potential attraction to more than one gender deserve spaces and access to information. 

We hope this space may be helpful so people don't have to be alone and so they can simply find and be who they are.

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Online Community

Thoughts about activism...

"Every time a bisexual person makes their bi identity known, that is a form of activism."

- Robyn Ochs


Being an activist can be intensely lonely. Directly challenging oppressive systems and norms can, and often does, lose you old friends. Similarly, the visibility and publicity your work brings you can make it difficult to find new friends. You can be put on a pedestal and at a distance from the very communities you’re attempting to serve. This isn’t to discourage activism because it is essential and can be deeply rewarding. This is to remind you that you’re not the only one. The isolation you feel is shared by activists across the world. This means that you can fight it.

- From Maz E. at Bi Women of Color


Special Awareness Events

September is Bi+ Visibility Month, centered around Sept 23rd (Bi+ Visibility Day)

Bi+ Visibility Day, a history and calendar of worldwide events

Celebrate Bi+ Awareness Week #BiWeek (2018). GLAAD

Accelerating Bi+ Acceptance.  GLAAD


March is Bisexual Health Awareness Month, Bisexual Resource Center

Living Into Equity This Bisexual+ Health Awareness Month, Human Rights Campaign.

Coming Out as Bisexual to Your Doctor (2019). Human Rights Campaign.

Research Sources

Among LGBT Americans, Bisexuals Stand Out When it Comes to Identity, Acceptance (2015 from 2013 study).  Pew Research Center.

Bisexual Invisibility: Impacts and Recommendations (2011).  San Fransisco Human Rights Commission.

How Many People are Lesbian Gay Bisexual or Transgender? (2011).  Gates, Gary J.  The Williams Institute at UCLA

A Third of Young Americans Day They Aren't 100% Heterosexual (2015). Peter Moore. YouGov.

23 % of Young Black Women Now Identify as Bisexual (2019). Bridges, Tristan and Moore, Mignon R. The Conversation.

Journal of Bisexuality

Other Stuff

The CDC Still Isn’t Counting Bisexuals Correctly (2016). Arielle Duhaime-Ross.  The Verge.

What is Pansexuality? 4 Pan Celebs Explain in Their Own Words (2015). Danielle Evans. GLAAD.

22 Things You should Read for Bisexual Awareness Week,(2018). Zachary Zane. Pride.

Q & A: Bisexual Activist Robyn Ochs on Visibility, Erasure, and the Future of the Bi+ Movement (2016).  Zachary Zane. Huffington Post.

Pink News, Bisexual Articles

Other Questions

Q: What is the “Bi+ Umbrella”?

  • Bi+ means an acceptance of many different labels and identifications.

  • One older, now often rejected convention is the binary idea that all people are either straight or gay.
    This binary ignores (bi+) people who may have attraction to more than one gender.
    This binary also ignores (asexual) people who don’t have attraction to anyone.
    Bi+ can be a spectrum, a space between a binary.

  • The Bi+ Umbrella is particularly welcoming of people who may identify as….

    • Pansexual

    • Polysexual

    • Omnisexual

    • Bicurious

    • Fluid

    • Homoflexible

    • Heteroflexible

    • Questioning

    • Non-monosexual

    • Biromantic, Panromantic

    • Abrosexual

    • Grey-A

    • Queer

    • Pomosexual

    • Or people who don't like labels.

Other Questios
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