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Storytime for Children!

Are you ready to read?!

It's the beginning of the school year - children are attending virtually while parents work from home. Activities may be limited or nonexistent and parents may struggle to find appropriate and enjoyable activities to engage their kids, particularly while they work.

SOOO, MCC Richmond is launching a new virtual ministry to fill this gap and serve families: Storytime for Children! ALL are invited to video record the reading of a children's book and email it to the Church Office ( The Storytime for Children! library of videos will be available through MCC Richmond's website and YouTube channel.

Watch and listen to the videos below to inspire and guide your inner teacher-reader! If you'd like assistance with your video, please contact the Church Office, (804) 353-9477, to arrange a time to record your reading at the church. Also contact the Church Office with any other technical difficulties or questions.

Let's get reading!

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