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Flair, Share, and Prayer

Every other Thursday

7:00 p.m.

See the Church Calendar for our schedule and Zoom link

We are a community who laughs, cries, tells our stories, and supports each other with words, actions, prayer, and love.  No one need feel isolated.  The group is open to all.

Join Us, and Share, Pray, and always add a little flair!

Formerly known as Thursday Night Check-in, the Flair, Share, and Prayer Group continues to be a way for members of our faith community to gather (virtually) and, as the name implies, "check-in".  The check-ins started out as a wonderful idea to keep people connected during the bleak and frightening quarantined months.  People were able to "see" other people, albeit on a screen.

We shared fears, anxieties, concerns, but also joys. 

There was laughter and we discovered how much that was needed.

As restrictions were eased as vaccinations and boosters began being administered and especially when worship service opened up again with precautions in place, the other nights of check-in were suspended.  However, the Tuesday night group asked to be able to continue.

One person said if not for this group, she would not have been able to make it through this terrible time and still is continually blessed by being a part of this community.


As in Sunday School,  we have people from other states who join us for each check-in.  Yet another reason to continue our time together!

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