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Pastoral Search

Now Accepting Senior Pastor Applications!

Welcome to Our Next Settled Pastor!

Get to Know Us Better

Apply to the Senior Pastor Position

Feel free to use either of the following (identical Application forms),
whichever is best for you,
offered as an interactive Word file or a PDF file.

Background Check Consent

  • Disclosure Regarding Background Investigation

  • A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

  • Additional State Law Notices

Pastoral Search Committee

Election and Team Members

The Pastoral Search Committee was elected by the church at a Special Congregational Meeting on February 12, 2023.

Team Members include:

We are advised by Interim Pastor Reverend Gail Minnick.


All of us on our team are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.  We are available to you, because this is our MCC Richmond pastoral search.

Congregational Input

  • This is YOUR pastoral survey, and your voice is very important.

  • We have several opportunities to provide input.

  • One option was to fill out surveys, which concluded in September. 
    See the MCC Richmond Overview PacketPastoral Responsibilities and Characteristics, for some of the results.​

  • Please see a committee member if you would like to share your aspirations of who our next pastor should be.


  • Our initial estimated timeline is that our search may take a year of work to discover our next settled pastor.

  • Please take a look below at our Current Work.

  • Any committee member is happy to answer your questions!

Current Work

December and January

  • We let the Fellowship know that we are ready to receive applications, and the Fellowship has published this news to the Shared Resources and included it in the weekly Fellowship e-blast.

October 1st

  • The congregation met for the Pastoral Search Potluck and Forum

  • We discussed the progress of the team and the contents of the
    newly completed MCC Richmond Overview Packet.

  • We are almost ready to let the Fellowship know we are ready
    for candidates.

August 21

  • The Congregational Forum and Potluck will be Sunday, Oct. 1st

  • We are preparing interview questions

  • We are finalizing  details and formatting for the MCC Richmond Overview packet to help pastoral candidates know who we are.

  • We discussed based upon our church survey results what the ideal candidate would be.

July 24th

  • Finalizing packet

  • Writing interview questions

  • Forum on September 24 rescheduled to October 1

July 10

  • MCC Richmond Information Packet is together

  • Congregational Forum/Potluck will be held in September to discuss Committee Progress

June 12

  • Your Pastoral Search Committee really appreciates the survey input!

  • We are thinking about what to do with this, incorporating into MCCR Packet, making a candidate profile, maybe a community forum.

May 28th

  • PSC is focused on the MCC Richmond Packet

  • All surveys are due June 1

  • We want your feedback to help tell our story -
    What do YOU love about MCC?  What do you want to share about MCC Richmond?  Make a videos (up to 30 seconds) Send these and pictures to

March 30th

  • Finalized our Pastoral Search Covenant.

  • Reviewed our existing Church Strategic Plan and decided it was current and a good document for pastoral candidates to better understand MCC Richmond.

  • Created sub-committee to concentrate on our Search Timeline.

  • Decided the church could use a new demographic survey.

​March 9th

  • We completed and adopted a Covenant.

  • The team is currently working on creating a way to collect opinions from the church.  This collection will likely use various methods as we want to reach many people. 

  • We are also examining the steps and goals within the pastoral search timeline.

February 23rd

  • We elected a Chair, Dr. Ginny Loving!

  • We started a covenant.

February 12th

  • We gathered after the Special Congregational Meeting to say hi.  We have planned out our first meeting date and know what we need to read to be prepared.

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