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Pastoral Search

Pastoral Search Committee

Election and Team Members

The Pastoral Search Committee was elected by the church at a Special Congregational Meeting on February 12, 2023.

Team Members include:

We are advised by Interim Pastor Reverend Gail Minnick.


All of us on our team are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.  We are available to you, because this is our MCC Richmond pastoral search.


Our initial estimated timeline is that our search may take a year of work to discover our next settled pastor.

Current Work

​March 9th

  • We completed and adopted a Covenant.

  • The team is currently working on creating a way to collect opinions from the church.  This collection will likely use various methods as we want to reach many people. 

  • We are also examining the steps and goals within the pastoral search timeline.

February 23rd

  • We elected a Chair, Dr. Ginny Loving!

  • We started a covenant.

February 12th

  • We gathered after the Special Congregational Meeting to say hi.  We have planned out our first meeting date and know what we need to read to be prepared.

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